PSD 5 by coloring-mania

*Gives a deep vintage effect, you can adjust the brightness and the gradient according to your image.


would you make tutorials?


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PSD 4 by coloring mania

*Gives a muted coloring to tv screencaps/gifs, works for most scenes but you might need to adjust the brightness.

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These are some of my current favorite fonts, I thought I might share them with you guys so I hope you find them useful to your graphics as much as I did.

Download the pack.

PSD 3 by coloring-mania

*gives a pretty bright pastel blue coloring, you may adjust the brightness according to your image.

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PSD 2 by coloring-mania

*gives a reddish coloring to normal caps, for darker caps you may adjust the brightness/contrast layers.
*contains b&w coloring.

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PSD 1 by coloring-mania 

Notes: 1-this psd contains two colorings, you can hide/show a marked selective coloring layer to get one of them.

2- it contains a light blob layer that can be re-sized according to your image.

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okay guys i’m bringing coloring-mania back to life and i will start posting again starting from today! new psds will be posted starting from #1. 

Also go check out the new theme. :)

any suggestions on what you are looking forward to see are very welcomed, and any tutorial/guide/resources requests as well!

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Hello you lovely loyal people!

I’m so impressed that there are still people following this blog, so i have a question for you guys

Would anyone be interested if i bring back this blog to life 

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ur deleting????

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